Wondering What to Do With the Trees on Your Property?

Wondering What to Do With the Trees on Your Property?

Turn your trees into lumber- call our logging company in Waterford, Bridgton & Lewiston, ME

Tree care is an art and a science. Selective tree pruning, trimming or removal can encourage healthy growth and keep wood-eating pests at bay. McCabe Logging and Tree Service will keep your trees looking beautiful for years to come. We can trim tree branches away from your roof to keep them away from your home.

If you're a homeowner or business owner in Waterford, Bridgton & Lewiston, ME, trust us to provide expert...

  • Tree pruning: We'll cut off dead or diseased branches and thin, top-heavy trees.
  • Tree trimming: We'll remove limbs that are growing too close to your siding, roof or power lines.
  • Tree removal: We'll cut down hazardous trees and haul away fallen trunks.

No job is too big or too small for us. Contact McCabe Logging and Tree Service today to make an appointment.

When should you call a tree logging service?

If you want to put your trees to good use, call a local tree logging service instead of leaving the wood to rot on your Waterford, Bridgton & Lewiston, ME property. McCabe Logging and Tree Service can assist you if...

  • You need to remove trees before building a house or room addition
  • You're concerned about trees falling on your roof or fence
  • You'd like to free up space in your backyard

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