Remove a Hazardous Tree From the Leaves to the Roots

Remove a Hazardous Tree From the Leaves to the Roots

Schedule tree removal in Waterford, Bridgton, or Norway, ME

Was your tree struck by lightning? Is it infested with termites? If so, your tree is putting your property, loved ones or employees at risk. Don't wait another day to schedule tree removal. Get in touch with McCabe Logging and Tree Service in Waterford, Bridgton, & Norway, Maine.

Our experienced crew will cut down any size tree for any reason. Contact us today to get a free tree removal estimate.

5 dangers of leaving a stump behind

After cutting down a tree, it's a smart idea to grind down the stump. By scheduling stump removal, you won't have to worry about...

  1. Rotting wood attracting pests like termites or carpenter ants
  2. Lawn mower blades breaking or sending wood chips flying
  3. Disease spreading to your healthy trees or other plants
  4. Roots damaging your foundation or plumbing lines
  5. Kids or pets tripping over the stump

McCabe Logging and Tree Service provides stump removal services to residential and commercial clients in Waterford, Bridgton, & Norway, ME. Call 207-890-9174 today to get rid of your hazardous stumps for good.